I never liked them. I never wanted them in my home. I always thought why on earth they have to look like something that belongs to a garage or a storage room. And the ones which actually looked pretty at that time were way over my budget. So I gave in because I couldn’t live without too. I did hide them in my bookshelf, surrounded by lovely beautiful books. Until…. the industry discovered the niche and I felt comfortable enough to expose what we call “loudspeakers”.

I truly hope that television designers got inspired by loudspeaker designers and follow their path to create a living room suitable (not black) tv for ambitious home owners.

Vifa did a pretty good job here. Their portable loudspeakers suit every home and look like a sophisticated little shopping bag. Bang & Olufsen even offers their Beolit in pink for ladies or through and through black for men. Speaking of men, Sonos was our choice (respectively his choice) and I totally like the cute Play:1 in white.




(Images from vifa)



(Images from Bang & Olufsen)

Julklapp (1 av 1)

(Photograpy by Daniella Witte, product by Marshall)



(Photography by Pia Ulin via my unfinished home, product by Sonos)

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