Simple is the new black.


A glutenfree (I don´t really care) but extremely beautiful designed boutique restaurant and pastry shop in the heart of Paris: Noglu. Noglu.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
Audrey Hepburn


Colour and material trends 2017 according to stylists from the Oslo Design Fair : Furniture in Cognac and Whiskey hues mixed with natural material such as marble and wood placed in a sustainable surrounding with lots of warm background colours such as burgundy, beige, brown, pinkish, grey… ODF.


The Creatista pop-up café was a genius hack from Nespresso to launch a new coffee machine in Auckland. They temporarily opened a café in a cute spot of the city (clearly fully equipped with the new machines) which was styled and furnished by the well-known Interior Designer and Blogger Michelle Halford. Creatista.


I never liked them. I never wanted them in my home. I always thought why on earth they have to look like something that belongs to a garage or a storage room. And the ones which actually looked pretty at that time were way over my budget. So I gave in because I couldn’t live without too. I did hide them in my bookshelf, surrounded by lovely beautiful books. Until…. the industry discovered the niche and I felt comfortable enough to expose what we call “loudspeakers”.