Ain’t no other than sorbet

How do you like a sorbet? I love it. Last summer I couldn’t get enough of mango sorbet, this season I totally crave for melon. A scoop for a good conscious with no regrets… yes! it is a very healthy alternative to the “normal” ice cream – haha. But todays post is not about the yummy gelato, no, I spotted that sorbet (colors) are currently also very popular on interior accessories. Normann Copenhagen announced its Geo collection of little jars, pots and mugs with the headline “Pastel Dreams” although I prefer “Sorbet Indulgence” (second picture from above). Needless to say but all this accessories just wants you to go for a scoop (of melon)! Have a great weekend.

phold-01-nude (Picture via Menu)

flawed-gold-plated-bowl-in-gray (Picture via Gretel Home)

diy-storage (Picture via jennijuurinen, styling and photography by Mirva Kakko)

bottle_grinder_s_nudes_2_pack_2__80217.1414727020.1280.1280 (Picture via norsu)

25151_Geo_Acc_Jugs_3 (Picture via Normann Copenhagen)

???????????????? (Picture via muuto)

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