I absolutely don’t have a faible for fake flowers, but this Hydrangea is with me now for far too long. Fake

Simple is the new black.


A glutenfree (I donĀ“t really care) but extremely beautiful designed boutique restaurant and pastry shop in the heart of Paris: Noglu. Noglu.


Saturdays mandatory grocery shopping usually ends with me hopping over to the flower counter and smuggle a bouquet into our shopping cart… Blossom

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
Audrey Hepburn


Colour and material trends 2017 according to stylists from the Oslo Design Fair : Furniture in Cognac and Whiskey hues mixed with natural material such as marble and wood placed in a sustainable surrounding with lots of warm background colours such as burgundy, beige, brown, pinkish, grey… ODF.

The kitchen is for dancing